Wholesale Centre

Plantion wholesale centre is the ultimate cash & carry location for florists in the Netherlands. We can help you with your total purchasing requirements for cut flowers, house plants and garden plants, floristry and trend items, decorative materials and packaging.

Five reputable companies are brought together under one roof to offer you a more than comprehensive assortment. They offer fresh products every day and adapt their assortment to the latest trends. Customer satisfaction and service are our main focus. Experience hospitality, customer-focus and the special ambiance of the wholesale centre.

Are you a sector-focused retailer? Then of course you are more than welcome at the Plantion wholesale centre in Ede. We operate with a collective registration number. You can complete this registration form with the various wholesalers or with the centre’s contact person, Fleur van de Velde. You can also send an e-mail to info@ghcplantion.nl, after which Fleur van de Velde will contact you.