About Plantion

Early every day, florists pit themselves against the auction clock to buy fresh and fragrant products for their shops. The intermediary department connects buyers and growers through personal contact

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Digital marketplace

The digital sales channel, Plantion Digital Marketplace, offers Plantion customers additional products against the Clock. The Digital Marketplace is De Digitale Marktplaats is accessible with an inlogcode via www.dm.plantion.nl.

Plantion Digital Marketplace helpline:
+31 318 – 66 17 55


  • 31 MEI

    1e Pinksterdag

  • 1 JUNI

    2e Pinksterdag (geen veiling)

  • 4 JUNI

    Nationale opa- en omadag

  • 17 JUNI

    ALV Coöperatie Plantion

  • 21 JUNI