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Connecting in flowers and plants – Plantion is a marketplace where florists and other wholesalers and retailers can purchase flowers and plants and find inspiration every day. There are three auction clocks in Plantion’s auction room every morning. Additionally, intermediaries are on hand to connect international growers and major purchasers. In the green centre, customers can choose from a unique range of trees and shrubs. Plus, there is also an attractive wholesale centre.

In addition to physical purchasing channels, Plantion also offers its customers the opportunity to order products online, and even have them delivered. Everything happens under one roof, in centrally located Ede. Could Plantion be the marketplace for you?


Connecting in commitment – Plantion is a cooperative whose members include approximately 275 predominantly Dutch growers of flowers and plants. Members are the principal shareholders in Plantion. With their products, craftsmanship and commitment, they are the foundation of company.

Plantion’s cooperative legal structure brings with it a specific dynamic in which continuity and long-term vision are more important than maximising profit in the short term. This presupposes an attitude of commitment on the part of members, characterised by a focus on the common interest. Transparency is always high on the agenda.

Plantion involves its members in its business operations to the fullest extent possible, and organises meetings in which parties can exchange views on the current situation and strategic decisions. The more members feel mutually connected, the better Plantion can respond to developments both within and beyond the floriculture industry.

Composition of the Supervisory Board

R. Willemsen, voorzitter *
session from June 2019

J.A.G. de Leeuw (secretaris) *
session from April 2008

H.H.W. Beijer *
Session from April 2008

M.H.M. Cleophas *
session from December 2017

M. Hogervorst *
session from December 2019

R. Knorr
Session from January 2022

M.P.M. Meskers
session from December 2017

H.T.J. Vulto
session from April april 2008

*) Also member of the board


1917 – The history of our auctions goes back more than a hundred years. In recent years, many smaller regional auctions have merged to form larger regional marketplaces.

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2008 – The Eastern Netherlands Flower Auction and the Vleuten Auction House merge to form Plantion.

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2010 – Two years after Plantion was founded, sites in Bemmel and Utrecht are exchanged for the current marketplace in Ede. With this modern and conveniently accessible location, Plantion has succeeded in increasing its clout by retaining existing suppliers and purchasers and attracting new parties from the Netherlands and neighbouring countries.

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Today – The Plantion building is a landmark on the A30 motorway – an elongated, gradually ascending building that ultimately shoots upwards, much like a flower stem. The offices, auction room, green centre and wholesale centre all adjoin a centrally located, covered parking area so that customers can take care of all of their purchases in one go. This contributes to the personal atmosphere that makes every Plantion visitor feel welcome.

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