Corporate Social Responsibility

Connecting in sustainability – As a cooperative active in an industry that deals with ‘living products’, Plantion carefully considers people and the environment. With our building, we are well on our way to fully climate-neutral business operations. The energy we use is sourced from solar panels, wind turbines and a combined thermal storage system. All lighting fixtures in the refrigeration storage areas has been converted from TL to LEDs. Gas consumption is extremely low and CO2 emissions are minimal.

Commercial vehicles that meet diesel emission standards are welcome to enter Plantion’s loading hall. To package the flowers and plants, we use only materials that are either biodegradable or reusable.


In 2017, Plantion was the first auction in the world to bring Fairtrade certified roses to the auction clock and assists purchasers in meeting the requirements of the Sustainable Florist quality mark.
Plantion offers a wide range of Fairtrade products via the auction clock and on the Plantion Digital Marketplace. The Fairtrade label helps farmers and workers in developing countries to find a better place in the supply chain so that they can make a living from their work and invest in a sustainable future. Plantion is the only auction in the world where Fairtrade products are traded.

Solar panels

In 2016, we installed a solar system comprising 18,500 panels on the roof of the Plantion building, enough to generate a capacity of 950 kWp, which is 25 per cent of Plantion’s annual electricity consumption. In addition to the minor economic benefit that this brings, it contributes to a reduction in CO2 emissions of 325 tonnes per year. In twenty years’ time, the total CO2 reduction will be more than 17,000 tonnes. In addition to what we use in the Plantion building, a small amount of the power generated is fed back into the electricity grid. Plantion and Groendus (formerly Rooftop Energy). receive a subsidy from the Stimuleringsregeling Duurzame Energieproductie (SDE+) programme.

The installation of solar panels has moved Plantion a step closer to achieving its goal of CO2-neutral operations.

Yield from Plantion solar panels

Plantion has 18,500 solar panels on the roof. Interested in the yield from these panels?

Waste collection

Starting on Monday 15 March 2021, Plantion will have four collection stations to which separated waste can be delivered: two in the loading hall, one in the packaging department and one at the box holders. Purchasers should collect the waste and sort it onto the right trolley.
Each collection station has space for paper/cardboard, film, trays and plastic pots/buckets.
New plastic waste bags are also available, which can be used to collect film. These can be purchased at Dillewijn Alflora and in the packaging department. Each client number will receive the first three rolls free of charge. These can be collected from the reception (auction clock purchasers) or from the Plantion wholesale centre (wholesalers).

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The CSR policy also translates into a personal approach and mutual respect: purchasers, growers and employees are not just a number to Plantion, but have a name and a face.


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