Purchasing flowers and plants

Connecting in flowers and plants – If you are a business working with flowers and plants or a purchaser for a florist, garden centre, retailer or itinerant trade, you are very welcome at Plantion!

You can complete purchases at the marketplace in Ede in a number of ways – at the auction clock, through the intermediary agency, in the green centre or in the wholesale centre. All of these points of sale and options are located under one roof at a centrally located site close to the A30 motorway.

In addition to the marketplace itself, you can also purchase online, which is ideal if you want to save time or if Ede is too far for you to travel. With our Distance Selling module, you bid ‘live’ at the auction clock via the internet. Our webshop gives you access to the Presale module and a greater range of products from our growers.

Pay us a visit and learn more about the possibilities that Plantion has to offer. If you are keen and decide to register as a purchaser, you will receive your own purchaser number. You can then use this to complete all of your purchases at Plantion (auction clock, green centre, intermediary service). Authorisation to make purchases in the wholesale centre is arranged by the wholesale centre itself.

Interested? Make an appointment with one of our relationship managers.

Foto van Patricia Willemsen
Patricia Willemsen
Relationship manager
Foto van Verena Nimtz
Verena Nimtz
Relationship manager
Foto van Sylvia Spijker
Sylvia Spijker
Relationship manager

Delivery service

Once registered as a purchaser with Plantion, you can take advantage of the Plantion Transport delivery service. Collecting your products yourself might be inconvenient – it takes time and/or Ede might just be too far for you to travel.

That is why Plantion now offers a delivery service for florists. If needed, we can deliver purchased products on the same day in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany — for this service, Plantion works with B&M Koeriers in Ede. The company delivers using smaller vans, so you can have your products delivered right to your door.


If you purchase from Plantion, you also benefit from professional logistics processing. Our distribution employees will ensure that your purchased products are ready for you within one hour of the auction ending, so that you can quickly return to your shop and take everything with you.

Our people would be happy to help you with any questions you might have about containers (packaging material), load carriers (stacking trolleys and Danish trolleys), temporary storage (refrigerated/unrefrigerated) and any other logistics queries.

Have a question about logistics? Please get in touch.

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Logistics Customer service

Environmental permit

Our building in Ede consumes very little gas and emits only a minimal amount of CO2. We are eager to work with you to ensure that things stay this way. We are therefore happy to grant commercial vehicles that meet diesel emissions standards and have a maximum weight a permit to enter our loading hall.


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