Clock auction

Connection in craftsmanship – The auction clock is the spirit of Plantion. Lots of flowers and plants are auctioned on three auction clocks from 06.00 hrs in an auction room full of purchasers. Pricing is much like any other auction – when demand is high, prices are high and when demand is low, prices are low. This makes for a lively and pleasant trading environment. Plantion works with suppliers to offer an interesting and surprising range of cut flowers, house plants and garden plants every working day.


An auction day


Information from suppliers arrives via the electronic delivery form (EDF).

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Hauliers and suppliers bring their flowers and plants to the auction.

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Products are placed on load carriers, ready for the auction.

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Supply supervisors from Plantion inspect the products for quality.

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At 06:00, the clock auctions start in the form of a ‘Dutch auction’.

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Distribution employees allocate the auctioned products to the purchasers.

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The suppliers view their product yield via Internet.

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Buyers take purchased products to their customers and shops.

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Plantion sends invoices to buyers and statements to suppliers.

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The supply supervisors advise suppliers on tomorrow’s shipments.

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Supply information

If you supply products to Plantion, it is important that you state all supply information carefully, both for products for the auction clock and products intended for the intermediary service. You can submit supply information via an electronic supply form, at the marketplace itself or by telephone. You can find the product specifications and codes on the website of the Dutch Flower Auctions Association.

Supplying to Plantion

If you’re keen for your products to be seen by hundreds of florists, purchasers from garden centres and retailers from the Netherlands and neighbouring countries every single day, you should consider becoming a member of Plantion! If you are already a member of another auction or are located outside of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, you can register as a guest member, foreign supplier or casual supplier.

Eva Asijee

Head of Clock Sales