Selling online at Plantion

Connecting in digitisation – Would you like the convenience of being able to sell your flowers and plants online? Plantion offers a number of options, including Clock Presale (KVV) and the Plantion Digital Marketplace (PDM).


Clock Presale

If you choose to supply products for the auction clock, you can offer up to 50 per cent of your products at a fixed price in the online Clock Presale module, even before the auction starts. The remainder of your products will be auctioned by Plantion in the normal way.

Want more information about Clock Presale? Please contact your supply supervisor.

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Plantion Digital Marketplace

Many florists and garden centres that purchase at Plantion use the Plantion Digital Marketplace (PDM) web shop. Using the PDM avoids you having to make a trip to Ede and, if you prefer, Plantion can deliver your purchased products to your shop. Purchasers have given us very positive feedback about this additional purchasing opportunity.

As a supplier, the Plantion web shop offers you a number of possibilities – in addition to the products that you supply for the auction clock, the platform also allows you to sell your other products. Additionally, with the Clock Presale module, you can also offer some of your supply in advance, at fixed prices.

Purchasers can search for products in the PDM that they can use to really stand out from the crowd. Plus, as a supplier the PDM offers you an additional sales channel for your products. It’s a win-win situation!

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Interested in shining the spotlight on your product range through the PDM web shop?
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Plantion Digital Marketplace
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Eva Asijee

Head of Clock Sales