Connecting in craftsmanship – If you’re keen for your products to be seen by hundreds of florists, garden centres, retailers and wholesalers from the Netherlands and neighbouring countries every single day, consider supplying to Plantion!

Your can sell your products in small batches through our various sales channels.

Plantion’s core activity is trading the flowers and plants supplied by our members and guest members at the best possible price. Our main location is our centrally located flower auction in Ede, where we have an auction clock, intermediary agency, Plantion Shop & Go and green centre. It attracts hundreds of florists, purchasers for garden centres and landscaper gardeners every single day. Here, they purchase the supplies for their shops, receive personal attention and keep up with the latest trends. Our suppliers’ products can also be ordered online through our rapidly growing webshop and Presale.

Register as a supplier

To sell your products via Plantion, you will need to register as a supplier. You can register as a member, as a guest member, as a foreign supplier or as a casual supplier. Each form of registration has its own tariffs.


Cooperative member – if you would like to become a true part of the cooperative, a membership is the best option. This is subject to conditions, including the requirement that you sell all of your cultivated products through Plantion.

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Guest member – if you are already a member of another auction, you can still supply products to Plantion by becoming a guest member. You will need permission from your ‘parent auction’ to sell some of your production through Plantion.

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Foreign supplier – growers outside of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany who wish to supply to Plantion can register with Plantion as a foreign supplier.

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Casual supplier – if you are not a (guest) member or foreign supplier, you can still supply products to Plantion under certain conditions. A regular supply is one of these requirements. After reviewing your registration form, Plantion will decide whether or not to allow your registration.

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Supply information

If you supply products to Plantion, it is important that you state all supply information carefully, both for products for the auction clock and products intended for the intermediary service. You can submit supply information via an electronic supply form, at the marketplace itself or by telephone. You can find the product specifications and codes on the website of the Dutch Flower Auctions Association.

Time Slot Management

Products can be supplied until 04.00 hrs at the latest on auction days. Plantion uses time slots to prevent congestion and waiting times. You or your carrier can reserve a time slot for unloading using the Boltrics web portal or free app. By staggering the supply, Plantion can prepare your products for auction more efficiently and with greater attention.

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Environmental permit

Our building in Ede consumes very little gas and emits only a minimal amount of CO2. We are eager to work with you to ensure that things stay this way. We are therefore happy to grant commercial vehicles that meet diesel emissions standards and have a maximum weight a permit to enter our loading hall.

Regional meetings

Connecting is one of Plantion’s keywords. We organise informal regional meetings in the Netherlands annually to increase supplier engagement with Plantion. We share experiences, desires and plans with one another and maintain contact. We like to hear what is on the minds of our suppliers and what questions they have about Plantion.


Have questions about supplying to Plantion?

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