Rates 2024

Connecting in numbers – Plantion’s various services are charged separately. Key rates are set annually at the Cooperative’s General Members Meeting. View all rates for suppliers below.

When products you supplied are traded, Plantion ensures reliable and fast financial settlement. After a week, you will be paid the product value, after deducting the agreed charges. You will receive a daily invoice for each day you delivered products. And every year you receive an annual statement (free of charge) for your records.

All rates

Administrative fees (clock, (digital) mediation, Shop & Go)
The administrative fee is a fixed € 275.00 per year. In addition, there is a variable component. This amounts to 1.50% of product sales up to a sales total of € 115,000. This applies to all sales channels.

Collectivity levy (clock, (digital) mediation, Shop & Go)
A 0.30% collectivity levy is withheld from purchased product sales at all sales channels. These funds are used to support consumer marketing, contributions to industry associations and industry-related costs.

Liquidity levy
For the purpose of the member or supplier loan, 1% of product sales is retained from all sales channels as a liquidity levy. By resolution of the June 2025 General Membership Meeting, this levy may be converted to member or supplier loans.

Commission (clock, (digital) mediation)
Commission is levied on the combined product turnover in clock and mediation sales based on a bracket system:

Excl. sales of passive mediation

The commission at Shop & Go is integrated into the margin.

Lot levy (clock)

A charge applies to each lot supplied to the clock:

Lot A = €3.15
B = € 2.60
C = € 1.80
D = € 1.05
E and beyond = €0.50

Cart levy (clock and mediation)

A fee is charged for each cart processed through Plantion’s logistics.
Clock: €10.50 per trolley and €7.35 per CC
Mediation: €6.00 per trolley and €6.00 per CC

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our rates? Then please contact our customer service!

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