Intermediary service

Connecting in flowers and plants – Plantion’s aim is to trade its suppliers’ products at the best possible prices, and acting as an intermediary is an important tool. Plantion acts as ‘broker’, putting you in touch with interested purchasers elsewhere. This often involves large quantities of products that need to be delivered on a certain date at an agreed price.

Plantion’s intermediary services are international in scope and link growers in Europe, Israel, Africa and South America with wholesalers and exporters who in turn serve supermarkets, garden centres, DIY shops and florists.

Our intermediary services give growers certainty of supply and sales. A Plantion intermediary will supervise your complete order process and take care of payment, so there are no risks to you. Plantion connects and gives peace of mind!


Supplying to Plantion

To work with Plantion’s intermediary services, you must be registered as a supplier. You can register as a supplier by becoming a member of the cooperative or by registering as a guest member, foreign supplier or casual supplier.

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Intermediary service

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