Rates 2024

Connecting in numbers – Find all information about the rates for 2024 here. Costs are associated with Plantion’s range of services. The most important rates are set annually at the cooperative’s annual general meeting of members.

If you buy products from Plantion, you can pay for them by direct debit. No charges apply for this payment method. Debit cards can be used by exception and not for online purchases. This is subject to a surcharge of €10.00 per invoice. Cash is not accepted.

All rates at a glance

Administrative fees (clock, (digital) mediation, Shop & Go)
The administrative fee is €10.00 for each month of purchase (charged on the first invoice of the respective month).

Commerce Committee contribution (clock)
With the first clock or clock presale transactions in 2024, a non-recurring fee of €25.00 will be invoiced as a contribution to the Commerce Committee.

Collectivity charge (clock, (digital) mediation)
A 0.22% collectivity levy is withheld from products purchased through clock and mediation sales. These funds are used to support consumer marketing, contributions to industry associations and industry-related costs.
For Shop & Go purchases, the charge is integrated into the sales price.

Service charge (clock, (digital) mediation)
Service charges are levied on the combined product turnover in clock and mediation sales based on a bracket system:

The charge at Shop & Go is integrated into the sales price.

Transaction charge (clock, digital mediation)
For the purpose of physical distribution of products, clock and digital mediation sales are subject to a charge of €1.10 per lot purchased.

An additional transaction fee of € 0.20 is charged for each lot purchased through Remote Buying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about our rates? Please feel free to contact our customer service department.

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