Taste the Green

Plantion offers its purchasers Taste the Green free of charge. Taste the Green is a platform through which Plantion links purchasers with influencers for interesting collaborations. By offering free products to these influencers, you receive free, high-quality imagery, content and a vast reach around your shop. Consumers are increasingly active online, and less likely to take a stroll along the high street. Shop vacancy rates are all too visible. As such, we need to reach out to today’s consumers online.

Taste the Green is a Dutch platform and is currently only available in the Netherlands.

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Foto van Plantion
Plantion Customer service

Taste the Green is an inspiration platform in the form of a website and app. Using the platform, Plantion purchasers can offer flowers and plants to influencers. Influencers can use Green Market to signal that they are interested in a product and then make contact with the Plantion purchaser to collect the product and write a blog post.