Clock auction

Connection in flowers and plants  – The clock is the spirit of Plantion. Lots of flowers, house plants and garden plants are auctioned at three auction clocks in the auction room at Ede, starting at 06.00 hrs. As soon as you like the price, press the button to purchase the lot in question. Pricing is much like any other auction – when demand is high, prices are high and when demand is low, prices are low.


An attractive selection

Plantion works with growers to ensure that there is a comprehensive and attractive selection of products available at auction every day, and in sufficient quantities. This helps to prevent unnecessary fluctuations in price. Calculated over a longer period of time, you will usually pay an attractive price for top-quality flowers and plants that will continue to help you and your business to stand out.


Plantion contributes to a people-friendly and environmentally-responsible production chain. Ede, for example, is the only location in the world to sell a range of Fairtrade flowers and plants both at auction and online. All products traded through Plantion are grown to environmentally-responsible standards. Sustainability labels or markings are displayed at the auction clocks, making it easier for you to identify them. Doing this helps us to help you to meet the requirements of the Sustainable Florist quality mark.

Distance Selling

Purchasers enjoy visiting the Plantion auction room in Ede because they have the opportunity to smell, feel and see the flowers and plants on offer, and look for inspiration. But on those days when a visit just isn’t possible, you can also purchase through Distance Selling (KOA). The webshop allows you to view the current range available at the auction clocks, some of which you might be able to pre-order through Presale.

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An auction day


Information from suppliers arrives via the electronic delivery form (EDF).

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Hauliers and suppliers bring their flowers and plants to the auction.

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Products are placed on load carriers, ready for the auction.

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Supply supervisors from Plantion inspect the products for quality.

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At 06:00, the clock auctions start in the form of a ‘Dutch auction’.

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Distribution employees allocate the auctioned products to the purchasers.

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The suppliers view their product yield via Internet.

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Buyers take purchased products to their customers and shops.

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Plantion sends invoices to buyers and statements to suppliers.

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The supply supervisors advise suppliers on tomorrow’s shipments.

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Quality retesting

Connecting in quality – Although we and our suppliers carefully monitor the quality of lots of flowers and plants, there is always the chance that something might go wrong. If something does, you can always come to us for assistance. As we are dealing with living products, we ask that if you have a concern, you raise your concern on the day of purchase – before the flowers or plants have left the auction.

In certain situations, we may allow concerns to be raised after the day of purchase, under two conditions. Firstly, you must submit the ‘retest form’ on the day of purchase. Secondly, you must present the products in question to one of our inspectors no later than 06.00 hrs on the next auction day.

Trade Committee

Your interests as a purchaser are represented by the Plantion Trade Committee. The Committee is composed of seven people and meets with the Plantion management and board five times a year.

The Committee has a monitoring role and closely follows developments in and around the marketplace. Working with Plantion, the Committee organises excursions to growers several times a year, plus an annual event for all Plantion purchasers.

The Trade Committee welcomes all questions, comments and suggestions from purchasers. The current composition of the Committee is as follows: Hans Scholten (chairman), Hans Lamers, Diana Destanli, Geb Labberton, Kees Jungerius, Joost Weijtens, Chris Derksen and Jaco de Mooij. Feel free to talk to us!


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Patricia Willemsen

Relationship manager