Connecting in flowers and plants

About Plantion

Early every day, florists pit themselves against the auction clock to buy fresh and fragrant products for their shops. The intermediary department connects buyers and growers through personal contact. Landscape gardeners come to the garden centre for a unique assortment of trees and shrubs. And retailers fetch beautiful flowers, plants and accessories in the wholesale centre. Many products are also available from the Plantion Digital Marketplace.

Plantion is distinctly comprehensive and very professional, but also amiable and organised. Our service is customer-focused with a warm approach. Growers and buyers have faces and names, not numbers. This is how we prefer to do business; we hope you do too!

Plantion is in Ede on the A12, along the A30, in a central location that is easy to find. Come visit us!


Plantion is a cooperation. In fact, it is owned by approximately 275 (mainly) Dutch growers of flowers and plants.
The cooperative legal structure allows for unique dynamics and an extraordinary mission. The objective is not ‘to make as much profit as possible’, but ‘to sell our members’ products in a responsible manner at an acceptable price ’. We do this with passion.
The three well-known Ps (Planet, People, Profit) are a serious focus in our mission. We work in a climate-neutral way as much as possible, based on healthy financial exploitation, and we give our people space to develop.


Plantion was established in 2008, but the history of the auctions at its core goes back more than a hundred years. Many small, local auctions were merged into larger, regional marketplaces over the years.

Bloemenveiling Oost Nederland [East Netherlands Flower Auction] and Veiling Vleuten [Vleuten Auction House] were merged into Plantion in 2008, which resulted in a new marketplace in Ede in 2010. This allows Plantion to serve the market well and growers, florists and landscape gardeners can find everything they need here.

We are very proud of our premises in Ede. It is beautiful, light and clean and easily accessible (A12-A30). But most special is its sustainable character. Plantion does not utilise normal energy, but naturally heated and cooled water. Our building also has maximum insulation and solar panels, saving costs and being kind to the environment!