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Clock (Purchasing)

Are you a purchaser in the ornamental horticulture sector? For example, a florist, garden centre, retail or street trader. If yes, you are more than welcome to purchase products at Plantion, the most amazing marketplace in the world.

Visit us and be impressed by the possibilities Plantion has to offer. If you are interested, you can register as a buyer. You will receive a personal buyer number, that enables you to make purchases within Plantion (clock, garden centre, intermediary services).

Interested? Make an appointment with one of our account managers.

For Dutch buyers: Patricia Willemsen, mobile: 06-12705541.
For German buyers: Verena Bollwerk, mobile: 06-50611834.

Distance Selling
Distance Selling (DS) is another buying option from Plantion that means you do not have to make your way to Ede.
DS allows you to buy at auction remotely, with a virtual clock. You can do this from home, the office, your box at Plantion, but also while you are at another auction, through the Internet. In other words, you can use DS from Plantion anywhere that has a reliable Internet connection.

Advantages of DS:
– There is no need for you to be at the auction at 06:00.
– You can preselect the products that are of interest to you. You can mark them as early as the evening prior to the clock auction. You will then receive a notification that the product you are interested in is about to come up. There are also pictures of the consignments.
– You can buy easily and quickly from any location.
If you would like to know more about Distance Selling, please contact Patricia Willemsen on 0612-70 55 41 or at PatriciaWillemsen@Plantion.nl.

Plantion Trade Committee
Your interests as a buyer are looked after by the Plantion Trade Committee. It’s management board consists of seven buyers, who meet on average five times a year with the Plantion board and management team.

The Plantion Trade Committee has an identifying and signalling role and closely follows developments in and around the auction. Once a year, a meeting is organised for all Plantion buyers.

The Trade Committee members are available for your questions, comments and suggestions: Hans Scholten (chairperson), Gep Labberton, Chantal Giesen, Frans Klaassen, Hans Lamers, Jaco de Mooij and Joost Weijtens.

VBW (Dutch Florist Association)

12 months’ free VBW membership for Plantion customers!

In collaboration with VBW, Plantion offers its clock auction buyers the opportunity of a free 12-month VBW membership, with all the associated benefits and without obligation. If you decide that VBW is something you need after one year, you will only start paying annual contributions from that point.

Benefits of VBW membership
• Powerful lobby
• Useful services
• Free legal support
• Mijn Bloemist (My Florist) promotions
• Free training and workshops
See all the benefits here, and what how they can help you as an entrepreneur.
• Conditions for VBW membership:
• You must be legally established as a florist and registered in the Chamber of Commerce trade register.
• From the moment of registration, my business is a fully-fledged member of VBW. The period of the VBW Introductory package ends after the twelfth full calendar month after signing this form.
• You decide whether to want to remain a VBW member after the last full calendar month of the introductory period.
• Only if I decide, during the last full calendar month of the introductory period, that I want to remain a VBW member I am liable to pay the subscription fee for the VBW membership, starting from the thirteenth full calendar month after signing this form.

This VBW Introductory Package is brought to you in collaboration with Plantion and is only available to Plantion customers who buy from the clock auctions and who were not a VBW member as of 1 July 2015.

Usual VBW membership fees
The normal annual subscription fee for 2015 is € 523.57, which is made up of the basic subscription and the national small and medium-sized business contribution (amounts are exclusive of VAT).

Registration and further information:
It goes without saying that we would be pleased to welcome you as a VBW member. Please download the registration form for the introductory period here.

Source: www.vbw.nu/plantion

Environmental permit
Our premises in Ede boast extremely low gas consumption and a minimal amount of CO2 emissions. We want to maintain this, together with you. Company vehicles that comply with the diesel emissions and maximum weight standards are gladly given a permit to enter our loading hall. Request a permit from Plantion.