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Clock auction

The auction clock is the heart and soul of Plantion. The three large auction clocks spring into action at six in the morning, five days a week. Florists buy the consignment of flowers or plants they require at the touch of a button. It works just like a normal auction: if demand is high, prices are high; if demand is low, prices are low. Plantion ensures that an impressive and high-quality range of cut flowers, house plants and garden plants ‘faces the clock’ every day.
After the auction, our employees make sure that the florists can be on their way swiftly with their purchases.
The distribution deadline is a maximum of one hour after the end of the auction.

An auction day
1. Information from suppliers arrives via the electronic delivery form (EDF).
2. Hauliers and suppliers bring their flowers and plants to the auction.
3. Products are placed on load carriers, ready for the auction.
4. Supply supervisors from Plantion inspect the products for quality.
5. At 06:00, the clock auctions start in the form of a ‘Dutch auction’.
6. Distribution employees allocate the auctioned products to the purchasers.
7. The suppliers view their product yield via Internet.
8. Buyers take purchased products to their customers and shops.
9. Plantion sends invoices to buyers and statements to suppliers.
10. The supply supervisors advise suppliers on tomorrow’s shipments.

Trading your products at an optimum price. That is Plantion’s core activity. For this we use the auction clock, but also an intermediary agency, a garden centre, the Plantion Digital Marketplace – soon with clock pre-auctions – and a wholesale centre.
If you grow flowers or plants and would like to become a supplier for Plantion, there are a few options. Of course, you could become a fully-fledged member of the cooperation. But you could also do business with Plantion as a guest member, foreign supplier or casual supplier.

When you start supplying products at Plantion, it is very important that you carefully itemise the specific products you are supplying. This includes products for the clock auction, but also for intermediary services and digital sales opportunities. The supply information can be submitted in various ways: an electronic delivery form (EDF), at the marketplace itself or via telephone with our reception staff.

For product specifications, codes and the like, please see the VBN (Dutch Flower Auction Association) website: www.vbn.nl.

Information suppliers