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November 8, 2021

Plantion investing in physical auctioning

Author: André van Kruijssen, Managing Director of Plantion

Plantion has enhanced its splendid auction room with an 84 m2LED screen. This screen has the quality of a large television, and enables Plantion to reinforce its policy. The auctioning of flowers and plants remains a physical process of viewing and presenting the products in the auction room. For Auction Presales and Remote buying, this has been complemented with live streaming of the auction.

Whereas previously our different auction locations looked very much alike, the differences between them are now much more evident, with the resulting segmentation giving you something to choose from. Speaking about choice: Plantion is in the process of developing a variety of services not unlike the choice on a menu. For example, both growers and customers can now choose which services are right for them. Naturally, it goes without saying that either party is already entrepreneurial enough to properly make such choices. After all, if a businessperson can do what they do best, things generally go well! The challenge facing us at Plantion, however, is to continuously improve our services and to make a proper and personal effort to support our growers and customers.

Our new LED wall is helping us to meet this challenge, offering numerous possibilities for the presentation of photos and videos. We are going to be using these possibilities to the fullest in the coming weeks, and growers will get plenty of opportunity to promote their respective businesses and products. As a result, Plantion is becoming a more attractive place to display products and introduce new ones,

with our auction room increasingly turning into a venue the whole floriculture industry can be proud of!