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November 22, 2022

Christmas at Adomex

Author: Mirjam de Bruin, Adomex Marketing and Communications Officer

Christmas assortment

Christmas is an important happening within Adomex and therefore all Christmas products have their own place in the Adomex assortment. Our mini Christmas trees are made of nobilis branches and are available in various heights. To decorate your mini Christmas tree, just only have to put lights and/or mini decorations up. Christmas trees covered in snow are very popular this year and so are the pyramid trees made from bonsai wood, tree moss and asparagus. The possibilities and combinations are endless.


We offer decorative and trendy pendants that match this year’s Christmas season. For instance, think of apples, brunch balls, curly ting tings and pine cones. They add to your tree with colour, glitter, snow, frost, scents and spices. These pendants will enhance the Christmas spirit and give any bouquet just that little bit extra. Quality is of paramount importance here.

Painted products

This year, we are dressing up for Christmas. Think of grand shapes, warm tones, luxury and decadence. Floral and botanical opulence are the main focus. Deep dark greens with gold, a classic combination that will always look good. Gold and copper-painted leaves form a festive frame. Natural elements combined with gold, the ultimate combination this season.

Christmas inspiration

Winter has its own unique charm with all its cosy holidays. Being all warm and cosy inside and the amazing variety of colours make the dark days a lot more festive.


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