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August 17, 2021

Social media attracts younger target group

Flowers, plants and other products from GroenRijk Zevenaar garden centre are increasingly to be found on social media, with Sjanne Schouls (33), co-owner of the company along with her father, seeing the potential of Instagram and Facebook only too well. “This way you attract a younger target group,” she says. “And it’s much cheaper than printing or advertising in magazines, although we will continue to use these as well.”

Sjanne doesn’t have to do this social media work on her own, because thanks to the Taste the Green platform she comes into contact with influencers who promote these green products for her in posts on their Instagram, Facebook or other social media pages. Taste the Green is an app and website set up by Plantion where Plantion customers and influencers can get together. These influencers are vloggers and bloggers who have more than 2,000 followers, mostly in the florist’s region.


GroenRijk Zevenaar itself has been active on social media for some time. Sjanne: “We have 4.400 followers on Facebook and 1.700 on Instagram. Not bad, but you still reach others through influencers.” At Taste the Green, Sjanne works together with, for instance, the couple Roy Neijenhuis (35) and Roy van Helvoort (36). Their stylish Instagram page YOR Home & Lifestyle has over 4,600 followers, with the pair’s daily posts being liked and commented on by dozens of people, including those that are sponsored. For example this one: “We were allowed to pick up these beautiful herbs at GroenRijk Zevenaar. This year, we started our own vegetable garden behind our house. We already had a greenhouse in which we grew fruit and vegetables, and this planter with herbs is a nice addition!”


Influencer Roy Neijenhuis: “We are very much involved with interior decoration and garden and that’s also why people follow us. Recently, we’ve been busy renovating, and now we’re going to create a vegetable garden.” For this, the couple went shopping at GroenRijk Zevenaar, with the result of this regularly seen on their timeline. Sjanne: “People are inspired by this and will hopefully also visit our shop. Ultimately, that’s what you want: to get people to come here for something they’ve seen online. And, of course, when they are here, they always come across other nice things.”