Over onsNieuwsPlation auction buyers in conversation with Dutch Rose Growers
September 14, 2021

Plation auction buyers in conversation with Dutch Rose Growers

On 8 September at Plantion, auction buyers spoke with Dutch rose growers. For this ‘meet & greet’, an impressive presentation was put together with over 75 beautiful rose varieties from 12 suppliers.

On 8 September, Plantion’s presentation area was filled with the scents and colours of roses, the important money-spinners for any flower retailer. Besides the better known varieties such as Red Naomi and Avalanche, enthusiastic Auction buyers also got to see lesser known varieties and some novelties, including First Gold and Parfume de Grande by Arend Roses.

The following suppliers were present with their products: Porta Nova, Van der Hulst Rozenkwekerijen, Arend Roses, Meijer Roses, Van den Berg Roses, Nice2Get!, Rozenkwekerij H. Bruinen, Voorn Spray Roses, Bernhard Rozen, Van Wijk Rozen, Royal Roses and Marjoland.

Given the great interest and animated conversations, ‘seeing, smelling, feeling’ the product has significant added value for many retailers, which is why Plantion continues to focus on an attractive physical marketplace, combined with excellent online purchasing and delivery options.