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January 28, 2022

Balanced Biotope outdoors

We want to help make a better world. How do we strike a new balance? This message is at the heart of the Balanced Biotope style trend.

Balanced Biotope outdoors

Biodiversity is the touchstone in this trend. We see that reflected in the natural, almost wild garden. Plants and grasses are grouped, borders are quirkily shaped. Bearing the colour palette in mind, you might think about appropriate plants like Agapanthus, Forsythia and mosses. What’s particularly important is that the flora and fauna support one another. The Balance Biotope outdoor space also features environmentally-friendly, weathered, rugged materials that can take a knock. The structural elements of outdoor furniture or plant containers can be visible, just as in nature.

Balanced Biotope product ingredients

As you would expect, patterns within this trend consist of natural structures. They are often imitations of natural, raw materials like stone, wood and textile. Mould-like spotted patterns also feature. Products are made of biodegradable, renewable raw materials like starch, sugar, cellulose, lactic acid and fungal threads.


Credit: Flower Council Holland