Time Slot Management

Connecting in logistics – Plantion uses Time Slot Management to ensure a steady arrival of carriers at the Plantion site. We ask every carrier to reserve a time slot before unloading via Match Online’s transport module. This ensures that drivers do not need to wait to unload. A staggered supply gives Plantion more time to prepare, check and photograph the lots. All incoming goods are carefully registered.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Minimum waiting times for carriers
  • Proof of delivery for chain partners
  • Track & Tracing of products within Plantion

For more information, see the manual of the transport module.


What can you do as a supplier?

For a smooth and speedy supply process, it is important that you deliver your products to your (collective) carrier as promptly as possible. The sooner the products are collected, the sooner the carrier can reserve a time slot at Plantion.

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Foto van Eelco van der Vegt
Eelco van der Vegt
Head of Logistics Services

Eelco van der Vegt

Head of Logistics Services