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April 16, 2024

Celebrate the season with flowers

Spring is finally here, which means throwing open the windows, celebrating the first day of wearing a skirt without tights, leaving jumpers in the drawer and feeling the rays of the sun on our faces. A big part of the season, of course, is flowers. This spring we’re enjoying the small things that have a big positive impact on our moods, whether that’s a lovely fragrance that fills your house or a pretty DIY for your living room. Read on and be inspired by the joyful flowers of the season.


Create happy spring jitters with our DIYs! Resolve to be in a cheerful mood all season long, and get to work with Happy Stones. Or add an extra touch of romance to spring with homemade waxflower candles. Another good idea is to embrace your weak spots and give broken crockery a golden sheen with the Japanese art form Kintsugi.


To get a fresh spring feeling in your home, you can of course do some serious spring cleaning. Don’t feel like mopping and dusting but still want that refreshed feeling? How about this lovely scented bouquet with Sweet peas and Viburnum? Or this elegant and edible bouquet? For a real sense of quiet luxury and serenity, choose one of these three stylish white bouquets.


Spring brings a new array of flowers. Check out some classic spring flowers, bring vases of tulips, hyacinths and daffodils into your home, and enjoy bunches of waxflower, viburnum, stock and muscari. If you run out of vases (which you may well do!) a pretty tumbler or clean jam jar creates a sweet, homely aesthetic. You should also decide if you prefer your bouquets to be mono, mixed or matching!