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May 31, 2024

Appealing to the entrepreneurial growth and buyer

Plantion launched it somewhat hesitantly in 2018, but six years later, Presale has become a fixture. Ever more suppliers are offering 75 per cent of their auction supply a day via Plantion’s webshop prior to the auction. Buyers can order those products at set prices. Presale is being embraced, although there are also buyers with doubts.

The standard question Plantion asks new suppliers is: are you open to offering some of your products at KVV? More and more these days, the answer is yes. It is then up to the grower to ensure that their products meet the required quality criteria. They must also supply high-quality batch photos and set their own prices. In short, KVV appeals to their entrepreneurial spirit. The KVV prices are displayed not only in the online shop, but also in the auction room the next day. This allows buyers to see what the grower would approximately expect for their product.

Aantrekkelijk voor de ondernemende aanvoerder en inkoper

Realistic prices Buyers in the auction hall are still getting used to this new feature. They wonder whether Plantion, by displaying the growers’ prices, is guiding the market too much. Is there any point in playing the game on the clock this way? And doesn’t this push prices up unnecessarily? However, Plantion deliberately chooses to show them, based on the philosophy that all market parties should cooperate in such a way that everyone gets their fair share. In other words: reasonable prices for suppliers, an attractive range for customers to purchase in several ways, and a Plantion that can offer logistical support and added value.

Buyers’ choice KVV also encourages entrepreneurship among buyers. They need to consider what works best for them. Do I go to the auction hall a few times a week, for the most competitive prices and my habitual cup of coffee with colleagues? Do I make my purchases with greater ease using Kopen Op Afstand (Remote Purchasing) via livestream? Or do I order the evening before the auction at reasonable prices, so that I am guaranteed a beautiful range in my shop every day? In practice, buyers often end up choosing a mix of ordering online and shopping in person in Ede, where they can smell, see and feel the products.

Aantrekkelijk voor de ondernemende aanvoerder en inkoper


Suppliers: Plantion has a total of some 1,100 suppliers from the Netherlands, the rest of Europe, Israel and Africa. Of these, approximately 700 regularly deliver products to Plantion’s auction clock. In a normal week, an average of 1,500 lots are supplied on Mondays and Wednesdays, and 750 on the other auction days. In May, these numbers easily double, due to the season for bedding plants and Mother’s Day. About 550 suppliers regularly use KVV.

Buyers: The number of buyers registered with Plantion is around 1,400. These are florists, wholesalers, garden centres, travelling traders and line drivers. Around 80 percent are Dutch, the rest mostly German or Belgian. An average of 300 entrepreneurs buy from Plantion’s clock at least once a week. Two-thirds attend the auction and also make purchases via KOA or KVV, while a third buy predominantly via KOA. Those purchasing exclusively through KVV are still a small minority. Most KVV buyers also visit the auction room in person the following day.