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Social media is an indisputable part of our lives and its influence on our market is considerable. Browsing in-store is now less commonplace, particularly amongst younger consumers, who prefer to find inspiration online before coming to the shop. Which is why it is so vitally important that consumers can continue to see flowers and plants on social media and for our purchasers to be active on social media channels.

To help florists who are not yet engaged or familiar with social media, we offer the ‘Social media – the basics’ online training course and ‘Online strategy for your business’ training course. Your employees are also welcome to attend our courses. Give one of your employees the responsibility for your Facebook page, for example, and your business will become easier to find. Perhaps your social media channels are doing what you need them to do, but you want to add more of a strategy? Here too, our training courses can add value.

Our online courses are currently only available in Dutch.

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