Over onsNieuwsPlantion continues to innovate, connect and inspire towards 2027 as well
June 5, 2024

Plantion continues to innovate, connect and inspire towards 2027 as well

At Plantion’s General Members’ Meeting last night, Chairman René Willemsen announced that the executive board and supervisory board together with André van Kruijssen have agreed that André will remain associated with Plantion for a longer period. In addition to looking back on the past financial year and the state of affairs in 2024, the main points of Plantion’s multiyear plan looking ahead towards 2027 were also presented.

Annual Figures 2023 The members’ meeting adopted the financial statements and discharged the executive board for the policy pursued in the 2023 financial year. Product sales in 2023 were €101.4 million, down 4.7 percent from a year earlier. An important factor in this was the increase in gas prices in 2022, which resulted in lower volume in 2023.

The clock auction performed similar to 2022, with the online share growing to around 30 percent. Due to the loss of some large customers, mediation fell somewhat short of expectations. Plantion Shop & Go showed nice growth. To everyone’s satisfaction, Plantion closed the year with a positive result of €212,000.

State of Affairs 2024

In the first five months of this year, Plantion recorded sales of €56 million, over 5 percent more than in the same period in 2023. The clock auction stabilised with another increased share online; Plantion anticipates continued growth of Clock Presales. Mediation and Plantion Shop & Go posted higher than expected sales.

Other achievements this year included a well-attended (400 people) joint funeral event with Plantion Wholesale Centre, Smithers-Oasis and VBW, the commissioning of a hub in Antwerp, the start of an auction group for organically grown produce and an agreement with TICA to open a branch at Plantion Wholesale Centre.

Multiyear plan 2027

Against the backdrop of developments in society, the sector and the company itself, Plantion renewed its policy towards 2027. The mission for the coming years continues to be ‘innovate, connect and inspire’. This means further investment in 24/7 digital services combined with inspiring physical procurement opportunities. As an independent cooperative, but in close cooperation with partners such as Royal FloraHolland, Plantion aims to put suppliers in the best possible position and provide a full service solution to suppliers and customers. One of the challenges is guiding cooperative members to obtain FSI certification, which will become mandatory from 2027.

Photography: Studio Vlekke