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April 17, 2023

Plantion Shop & Go, be inspired

What is Plantion Shop & Go? Plantion is introducing a completely new service concept this year with a view to the future. How does it work? What are the benefits for buyers and suppliers? Ten questions and answers about Plantion Shop & Go.

What is Plantion Shop & Go?

Plantion Shop & Go combines the inspiration of a physical product presentation with the ease of digital buying. Buyers have access to a very wide and attractive offering from Plantion suppliers at any time. Buyers can collect their purchases immediately or have them delivered.

Why this new concept?

Purchasing via the internet is increasingly the norm, but green professionals also want to gain inspiration at a physical location. Plantion Shop & Go offers both: digital purchasing via the webshop, as well as a location where you always see new products, can speak to Plantion colleagues and employees, and can order on the spot.

What products can I find at Plantion Shop & Go?

At present, you can find all De Kas plants and special deals, many garden plants from the green centre, and OASIS® products. Cut flowers available from stock can also be ordered online. This is how we unburden buyers.

Where can I find Plantion Shop & Go?

The green centre and De Kas are currently being converted and incorporated into Plantion Shop & Go. We will launch the new concept officially in autumn. It is already possible to buy products at this location now in the way to which you are accustomed. Plantion Shop & Go products are also available from the Plantion webshop. Would you like to buy from our webshop? Then request a log in from klantenservice@plantion.nl (direct debit required).

I am a buyer, what are the primary benefits to me?

Firstly, inspiration: you pick up ideas for the next holiday or new season at the location itself. And since you are there anyway, you can buy products on the spot, which you either collect immediately or have delivered. In addition, the convenience of buying online: you can order via the webshop anytime, anywhere.

What makes Plantion Shop & Go so unique?

Plantion Shop & Go presents a wide variety of its suppliers’ products and concepts at a single inspirational location. Pop in and be inspired every season! You view and purchase on the spot, or order from the Plantion Shop & Go offering in the webshop.

How do I pay for what I buy at Plantion Shop & Go?

You pay by direct debit. We try to charge as many purchases as possible on a single invoice.

I am a supplier, can I offer my products via Plantion Shop & Go?

Are you a Plantion supplier interested in offering products via Plantion Shop & Go? Then please get in touch with your point of contact at Plantion. We would be happy to discuss the options.

When can I visit Plantion Shop & Go?

You can order via the webshop 24/7. You can gain inspiration at the physical location from Monday through Friday. See the current Plantion Shop & Go. opening times here.

Does Plantion Shop & Go replace the clock or mediation?

No, the clock is the soul of our business and remains in place for retailers and other green professionals who want to buy fresh products early in the morning (or in the evenings via Clock Presales) at day rates. Mediation will also remain in its existing form. Plantion Shop & Go is an extra service that offers physical and online access to a wide range of stock at fixed prices.