Flowers and plants

Colorful stories

The Kleurrijke Verhalen (Colourful Stories, www.kleurrijkeverhalen.nl) campaign by Plantion shows why it is important to buy flowers and plants from your florist. The florist has the most beautiful products for every occasion, and buying a flower or plant means that you return home with a quality product as well as a special story. Because: flowers and plants always come with beautiful stories.

The annual highlight of the campaign is the Kleurrijke Verhalen Dagen (Colourful Story Days) in the autumn. Any customer who buys flowers or plants from a florist taking part in the promotion will receive a splendid gift and a discount voucher. This year, the Kleurrijke Verhalen Dagen take place from 20 to 30 September 2017.

Online advertising, door-to-door leaflets and advertisements in online leaflets create extra focus on flowers and plants during the Kleurrijke Verhalen Dagen.

Complete information on the Colourful Story Days campaign by Plantion is available on: www.kleurrijkeverhalen.nl

Competitions on social media
As well as the consumer campaign Kleurrijkeverhalen.nl, Plantion also supports its florists through targeted promotions on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Competitions around Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and school graduations, for example, inspire people to buy flowers and plants instead of chocolates or a bottle of wine. The online advertisements by Plantion link to a store locator so that customers can easily find a Plantion florist nearby. For an example of an advertising campaign with a link to the store locator, see below:

See www.plantion.nl/verkooppunten. This way, consumer-focused promotions have become part of Plantion’s marketing strategy.

What else does Plantion do on social media?
Plantion posts videos on YouTube and shares these, mostly via Facebook. We also post on Facebook twice a day, with a large reach. Plantion also has a fast-growing number of likers and followers on Instagram and Pinterest. Images are posted on Instagram several times a week and inspirational photos are regularly placed on Pinterest.
If you have any questions about social media or one of the (online) Plantion campaigns, please contact us on SocialMedia@plantion.nl