Connecting in ease of purchase

Digital Marketplace

The Plantion Digital Marketplace digital sales channel offers Plantion’s customers additional products on the clock.

If you would like to sign up for or have any questions regarding the PDM, please contact us by sending an email to PDM@Plantion.nl or calling 0318-661755.

Interesting for on-the-clock buyers
For Plantion’s on-the-clock buyers, PDM offers additional opportunities, providing a one-stop shop for the on-the-clock offer and a wide range of additional products. Any digital orders they’ve placed are delivered at the same time as the on-the-clock products and everything is paid for altogether.

Paul Janssen, the owner of Veja flower shop in Bemmel, is very enthusiastic: ‘You never get to see all of a grower’s products on the auction clock, but in the Digital Marketplace, you see it all at the same time, enabling you to get some other products as well every time. The customers at my store like that kind of offering.’

Janssen also lists another advantage of PDM: ‘You can purchase customised quantities of product, ensuring a high degree of freshness in your store. I feel like PDM is a perfect addition to the auction clock, although that will always be the main purchasing avenue for me. After all, you still want to see the products with your own eyes.’