Plantion replaces its current packaging washing machine


Plantion wants to provide its customers with flower buckets that are free of stickers and are microbiologically clean.

Moreover, Plantion strives to make all of its processes sustainable, with a focus on Planet, People and Profit. This was one of the key factors in selecting a new washing line.

Limex is well known among flower auctions as a developer, producer, but also as a service provider in the field of washing installations. Limex is continuously looking for ways to improve its processes and technical solutions. These improved technical solutions are also part of the new washing line at Plantion. Examples are an improved filtration technique, that makes it possible to use the washing water for a longer period of time. Also, the machine is equipped with the new Limex heat exchangers that provide 30% more heating for the washing water. Another example of these new techniques  is the low pressure sticker removal, that makes the use of sensitive high pressure pumps which only work with clean tap water no longer necessary.

With the new Limex washing line, Plantion will meet the strict requirements regarding clean packaging in the packaging pool. All packaging types, including extender racks and flower buckets, are cleaned at a rate of 2500 pieces per hour. Furthermore, the internal logistics process is fully automated and robotized.

On the 14th november of 2016, Plantion and Limex signed the contract for the new washing










In the picture on the left, Peter Bakker, Managing Director Plantion; on the right Jan van Hoef, Managing Director Limex.

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