Connecting in flowers and plants

Mediation Agency

Plantion mediates through direct contact between growers and buyers. Ideal if you (the buyer) want to purchase larger quantities of flowers or plants at a time, for a promotion for example. You are assured of the correct products, on the agreed date and at an agreed price.

The mediators at Plantion maintain contact with growers nationally and internationally, so that they can always supply to the buyers’ requirements. Plantion also looks after payment; as a supplier, you will never bear financial risks. The fee for intermediary services is dependent on the turnover.

Target group / operational area
Plantion mediates between growers and buyers in the Netherlands and further afield. This is partly done with products offered through the clock auction, and partly through direct contact effected by Plantion between growers and buyers.
Traditionally, Plantion has done a lot of business with producers in Israel, and more recently also with European and African countries. Plantion links these foreign producers with wholesalers and export companies that in turn supply supermarkets and garden centres in the Netherlands, Germany and Scandinavia.

This internationalisation has meant that intermediary services have increased in importance within Plantion’s business operations.

Curious about what mediation could do for you?
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