Connecting in ease of purchase


The digital sales channel, Plantion Digital Marketplace, offers Plantion customers additional products against the Clock.
Do you wish to register, or do you have any questions about the PDM? Please contact us on PDM@Plantion.nl.
Suppliers on the Plantion Digital Marketplace include:

  • Anco Orchidee B.V.
  • Anthogether
  • AVIV
  • Bernhard Premium & Gold
  • Bredefleur
  • Bredefleur Luttelgeest
  • Bredefleur Moerkappele
  • Decofresh Roses
  • Dummen Orange
  • Flora United International B.V.
  • Gebr. van der Lugt B.V.
  • Gerbera United B.V.
  • GreenConnect
  • Holstein Flowers B.V.
  • Ichtus
  • Marjoland
  • Meijer
  • Oriental Growers B.V.
  • OZ Import
  • Qualirosa B.V.
  • Starflor
  • Ter Haar Ornamental Fl BV
  • Together2Grow
  • Van Helvoort Chrysanten
  • Zentoo
  • Amigo Plant
  • Anco Orchidee B.V.
  • Bental B.V.
  • Bromelia Specialist B.V.
  • Butterfly Orchids
  • Corsa Plant
  • Derksen Plant B.V.
  • Dijk van Dijk B.V.
  • Flevoflora
  • Gevers Planten
  • Groencentrum Plantion
  • Grootscholten
  • Humako
  • J&P ten Have
  • Kwekerij de Barreveld
  • Kwekerij De Noordpoel
  • Kwekerij Wouters
  • Kuivenhoven
  • Meko-Hulsebosch B.V.
  • ‘t Nieuwbos
  • Summerville Plants
  • Oriental Growers B.V.
  • SV.CO
  • Tisento
  • van der Voort
  • Vireo
  • Waterplantenkwekerij Moerings
  • W&L Groenservice
  • Gebr. Van der Salm
  • Willemsen Weijs

Of interest to clock buyers
PDM offers extra opportunities for Plantion clock buyers, as they can now visit one place for the selection for sale as well as a large number of additional products. What’s more, digital orders are delivered together with the products purchased at the clock and invoiced uniformly.

Paul Janssen, from Flower shop Veja in Bemmel, is enthusiastic: “The clock never shows all products from one grower, but the Digital Marketplace shows everything. This means you can add other products as well. The customers in my shop respond well to this.”

Janssen says there is another advantage to PDM: “You can purchase to your own requirements, which means you maintain a high level of fresh products in your shop. I think it’s the perfect addition to the clock, although the latter is still a preferred choice for me. It is nice to be able to see the products.”