Connecting in sustainability


As a cooperative company active in a sector involving ‘living products’, Plantion keeps a keen eye on people and the environment. We are striving for – as it is beautifully called – climate-neutral business operations.

Our new premises in Ede boast extremely low gas consumption and a minimal amount of CO2 emissions. Company vehicles that comply with the diesel emissions standards are gladly given permission to enter our loading hall. We only use degradable or reusable materials for packaging the flowers and plants.

CSR is not just about the environment, but also about people. Customers, growers and employees are not numbers at Plantion: they have a face and a name. Our people, including our interns and graduates, are given responsibility and space to develop. A professional and friendly customer approach is in our genes!

At the start of 2015, a charging post for electric cars was installed at Plantion’s main entrance. This was in response to our customers’ wishes. After all, more and more people are driving electric cars.
We are positively surprised by the increasing demand for charging points and that is why there are now four charging post available at the main entrance.


In 2016, 18,500 solar panels were fitted on the shed roofs at Plantion, which generates a capacity of 950 kWp.
This is sufficient to cover 25% of the total annual electricity consumption at Plantion. As well as achieving a small economic advantage, it provides an enormous improvement of the CO2 emissions. The volume of C02 emissions will decrease by 325 tonnes a year, the total CO2 reduction over 20 years will be more than 17,000 tonnes.

This is one of the larger rooftop projects for solar panels in the Netherlands right now. As well as usage for our own building, a limited volume of electricity will also be fed back to the electricity grid.

The exploitation by Plantion and Rooftop Energy benefits from subsidy from the Encouraging Sustainable Energy Production Scheme (SDE+).

The installation of solar panels puts Plantion another step closer to achieving its objective of CO2-neutral operations.
More information on the solar panels project is available here.

Plantion opted for the Nilfisk battery-powered hybrid machine CS7000B for sweeping and scrubbing the 20,000 m2 auction hall.
This machine is compact in size yet big on performance, very efficient and sweeps and scrubs in one-pass cleaning. By utilising tougher scrubbing brushes, the machine is able to remove even the most stubborn stains. It’s great that the machine can also be used outside, for sweeping only, so it is multi-functional.
The particular deciding factor for Plantion was the quiet and environmentally friendly battery-powered engine. This is a great improvement in comparison with the current LPG-powered engine, which produces rather a lot of noise.
A win-win situation for staff and the environment!

All fluorescent lighting (58W) in the cold stores was converted to LED lighting (27W).
In addition to the benefits in energy consumption, LED lighting also has a much longer operational life: 50,000 burning hours for LED as opposed to just 8,000 burning hours of fluorescent lighting.
Lumeco offers employment to people who are distanced from the labour market, in this way we do business together with a focus on people and the environment!

Plantion has been CO2-neutral in its mail operations through PostNL since 2010.
Please have a look at the associated certificate.
Further information on green post can be found here: http://www.postnl.nl/zakelijke-oplossingen/post-versturen/verzendopties/groene-post/

Correspondence with business relations and between employees takes place via Mijn Plantion (Plantion’s intranet) or e-mail as much as possible. The documents are available via Internet on request.

Plantion offers various Fairtrade products at the clock auctions and on the Plantion Digital Marketplace. Fairtrade helps farmers and workers in developing countries to achieve a better trading position, so that their work supports them and they can invest in a sustainable future. Plantion is the only auction that trades in Fairtrade products.